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Research On Sustainable Development Of Chinese Cement Industry

Posted on:2006-09-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L ZhuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152488932Subject:Business management
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As a result of critics over traditional viewpoints on development, sustainable development is a great progress in the viewpoint of human development. A sustainable development of cement industry is a necessity required by coordinated development of economy, society and environment. Since its implementation of reform and open policy Chinese cement industry has developed very fast and contributed quite a lot to our national economy. However, under the traditional development mode the development of Chinese cement industry is under a great challenge. It has become a great issue for the whole society for its sustainable and healthy development of national economy, concerning the problems as unbalanced cement-industry structure, social contradiction, and serious pollution of resources, energy and environment, uncontrolled consumption of resources and energy, and orientation for growth in capacity and profit on the ground of environmental sacrifice.With application of the related theory and methods of modern management sciences and industrial economics, and from the perspective of scientific development viewpoint, this paper explores into the present development of Chinese cement industry, compares it with the counterparts in the foreign countries, and proposes the necessity and urgency to lake a sustainable mode for the development of Chinese cement industry.In this research there are two innovations by the author as the below. 1. o analyze and determine the content of sustainable development for cement industry, and to construct a structural mode and evaluation system for the development of cement industry on the ground of the five fundamental theories of sustainable development.2. To propose a general idea and means for the sustainable development of Chinese cement industry from the perspective of solving the existing problems in the development of Chinese cement industry. After a thorough analysis on the policies of industry, taxation, investment, and environmental economy which have impact on the sustainable development of cement industry, this paper then raises several measures for sustainable development from the macro-, intermediate- and micro perspectives...
Keywords/Search Tags:cemenl industry, scientific development, sustainable development
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