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Thoughts About The Reform On The System Of Administrative Examination And Approval In China

Posted on:2006-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The system of Administrative examination and approval refers to the specific administrative conduct, in which the national administrative organs endow the applicants certain qualification to use certain rights and go in for certain activities, according to laws. This system is an important method which is used by the administrative subject to manage the nation and society in many administrative fields. This system is a institution to standardize the progress of the administrative examination and approval, and it includes how national administrative organs deal with applications, endow applicants certain lawful qualifications and rights to carry out certain activities and conducts.The wide-extensive existence and development of The system of Administrative examination and approval in Chinese society and life relies on the highly-concentrated traditional planned economical system. With the establishment of the socialistic market economy and the formal enterring of the WTO, the traditional system can't fit the regulations of WTO and the economical globalization, which has become the obstraction to change the function of government and source of the corruption. Our government has begun the reform on the system of Administrativeexamination and approval since the end of 1970s. Since 1998 the reform has entered the wide and deep-developed stage. Governments in every grades have developed the reform, concentrated on the extent descrese of the examing items, the standardization of the approving progress, the setting of time limit of the approval, the annuncement of the examing content, and the establishment of the service system that is convenient to the people. This reform has made a good progress, but there still are problems and disadvantages, for example, social intermediary didn't play their role, the service center didn't work standardly, the approval on line was just a useless form, only concentrate on the number of the items. All these things obstruct the deepening of the reform. Foreign countries have also undertaken the progress from strengthening regulations to relaxing. Reforms in America, Japan and Britain include standardization the appoval, according to the laws strictly, drawing marketablity into the reform, analysis the effection and cost, setting and adjusting the administrative reasonably. From the analysis of these measures, we could get some enlightening, which are useful to the reform of our country.On the base of the analysis in this three parts, this essay will ponder over the reform on the system of administrative examination and approval in China in six directions, including socialization, marketability, rule-by -law, effection, annuciation and service. This essay will also try to solvethe problems in the reform that are mentioned before.
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