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Study On The Reform Of The Administrative Examination And Approval Process Of The County-level Governments

Posted on:2019-10-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330569987171Subject:Public administration
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At present,the practice and exploration of the county level government in the examination and approval process reform show a variety of trends,but most experts and scholars are in the initial stage of the study on the reform of the county level government examination and approval process,and the practical observation of the reform lacks effective ways,which leads to the scarcity of detailed and detailed empirical research results.At the same time,in the process of reform,the county level government has less systematic research on the optimization of administrative examination and approval process.It is urgent to review and reflect on the time and achievements and problems that have been carried out by the government departments,so as to provide reference for the reform of the administrative examination and approval process in the future.In this paper,taking Dongtou District of Wenzhou as an example,through a large amount of collection of literature and field research,we know the current situation,the development trend and the existing problems of the county level government approval process reform,and discuss the mode construction and practical strategy of the county level government administrative examination and approval process reform in the micro level.In recent years,especially since the eighteen Party of the party,the government of Dongtou District,Wenzhou,has carried out the reform of "tube clothing" in depth.In accordance with the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council,the government has accelerated the transformation of the government's functions.In the process of the reform and promotion of the government administrative examination and approval process,the main ways of reform are process centralization,process series,process parallel,process project oriented,the establishment of the examination and approval service hall,cancellation of a number of documents,to provide one-stop approval service,to strengthen the "Internet plus government services to promote efforts.From the effect,the examination and approval time of some items of examination and approval shortened,the content of department approval to realize "online approval",part of the approval of the masses "run once" or "no run once",to a certain extent,relieves the complicated difficulties of the examination and approval process caused by many components and many levels.However,from the view of social benefits,the government's reform has limited efficiency,which is mainly manifested by the lack of strong sense of mass acquisition,the clear and subtraction of examination and approval matters,and the still larger space for rent-seeking approval power.From the analysis of the county level examination and approval process,there are still some problems,such as process decentralization,process breaking,process loss,and lengthy process.The main reason lies in the vested interest tendency of the government departments,the lack of strong theoretical support and the unsound system and mechanism of examination and approval process reform.Aiming at the problems existing in the administrative approval process of county level governments,this paper puts forward countermeasures and suggestions for the next reform.First of all,starting from the reform mechanism,we will fundamentally improve the subjective initiative of the various examination and approval departments.Second,standardize the process of approval and standardize the construction and management of all approval processes.The third is the centralized management of the examination and approval functions.From the point of view of the enterprises and the masses,the government is a whole.In the process of examining and approving the approval,the government wants the government "a window to the outside".In the next step of the reform process,the centralized and unified exercise of the right of examination and approval is the general trend,that is,the approval authority of all departments is returned to a department.The implementation of all examination and approval matters is accomplished by a department,and ultimately improving the business environment and facilitating the masses' work.
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