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The Theory And Practice On Specialty Cooperative Of Peasants In Taizhou

Posted on:2006-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W M ShangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152494120Subject:Agricultural extension
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The Specialty Cooperative of Peasants (SCP) means the cooperative economic organization with legal person qualification. On the basis of keeping the original basic manage systems such as the contracted responsibility system of land usage, it set up on the principles of the voluntary alliance, the right to participate in the economic activity, the joint property and the democratic operation and engaged in the production, processing, marketing and Socialized service of related agricultural products. The SCP is an economic enterprise with legal person qualification focused around the self-decision in management. With the association of laborers in labor and their association in capital, it connected the relationship among the peasants, the enterprises and the market, by which the commune members are knitted together. It was also used to server the development of farmers' organization and played a role of medium to guide the farmer to explore the market.Since 2000 Taizhou region had started to develop the SCP. In 2002, it was set as one of the six municipal (prefectural, regional) level pioneer projects of SCP in the by P.R.C Ministry of Agricultural. Recently the SCP in Taizhou region has made great progress, formed a system with Chinese characteristics, which not only showed the basic spirit, but also innovated the theory of the SCP.This paper reviewed and analyzed the 'Taizhou Phenomenon" of the SCP based on the practice. The author analyzed the emergency of the SCP, studied the tortuous progress of its development, concluded the main problem in developing the SCP, discussed the way to improve the SCP and submitted the countermeasures for government about how to help peasants to develop the SCP, under existing condition of the agricultural and economic development levelThe author analyzed the internal structures innovation of the SCP specially, and pointed out that it was the companionship, the organizational structure, the ownership structure, the refund of the profits and the voting-style that were the main revolution of the internal structures. The revolution of the companionship was that the loose relationship between the purchase and sales of production developed to the closerelationship of property rights; the organizational structure was evolved from the style of "commune- commune members" to" commune- group- commune members"; the ownership structure evolved from the centralization to decentralization, and the amount of the equity was coupled with the performance; the producers took the place of the investors as the main beneficiaries; the style of multi-vote insteaded the one-vote for a stockholder in the voting style. The basic driving force for the structure innovation was to build up the operational system given priority to efficiency with due consideration to fairness, and stimulated the initiative of producers and the investors.
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