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Political Awakening:the Formation Of Peasantry' Consciousness In The Land Reform

Posted on:2017-11-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330488980242Subject:Political Theory
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For the Communist Party of China,the land reform movement in the early days of the founding of the PRC is of great historical significance.It is not only the biggest and most deep reform in the history of China for thousands of years or the continuation of land reform policy implemented by the Communist Party of China in the period of democratic revolution and also an important measure to obtain the peasants' support and consolidate the position in rural areas.Through farmers' oral material from different classes in the land reform movement of the early days of the people's Republic of China,it will reappear the history of land reform,study on peasant's life changes,analyze the process of land reform and inspect the occurrence of class consciousness from the perspective of farmers.Class consciousness is a political consciousness,The premise is the existence of class.The paper takes 10 farmers from different classes from Chengang village,Sui County,Shangqiu City,Henan Province as a study case,by depth interviews,and literature review,through a large number of oral history data,trying to reproduce the land reform and analyze the changes of rurally social structure during the land reform period as well as the formation of farmers' class consciousness.The traditional peasant society has four kinds of relationship:workers and non-workers,debit and credit,the lessor and the lessee,operators and managers,the four relations reflect the four different contacts between farmers.These four kinds of contact patterns have produced social stratification,but the traditional peasant and social peasant live "harmoniously" with each other.The social stratification of the traditional peasant society has existed for a long time,which has a great influence for the generation at that time.How to ensure the participation of farmers not to be affected by the thoughts of traditional society is a foremost problem for successful land reform.In order to solve this problem,in the rural areas relevant organizations were first set up,secondly,activities were held on the basis of organization,then,it is to carry out the education of the class consciousness,finally,by "designated class" the peasants' class consciousness training has been accomplished,having cultivated the farmers' political participation,constructed peasant political identity and made peasants set up class consciousness.Through research can be drawn that the countryside land reform has reconstructed the farmers' political identity,overturned the political position of the peasants,and adjusted the rural social structure.
Keywords/Search Tags:The poor peasants, Middle peasants, Rich peasants, Landlords, Class consciousness, Political identity, Social structure
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