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Reflections And Intensification Of China's Administrative Examination And Approval System Reform L

Posted on:2005-11-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D A GongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152965197Subject:Administrative Management
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From the angle of relevant theories of the Administrative License System in Administrative Law, in accordance with the methods of comparison, positivism, reference and the analysis of combining theory with practice, this thesis objectively analyses the malpractices of the traditional Administrative Examination and Approval System of the traditional Administrative Exarnination and Approval System of our government in the aspects of application scope, the setup of purposes the establishment of authority limits, the conditions and standards, the operational procedure, the collecting of charges, the means of supervision, the responsibilities of this reform on deepening the changes in administrative management systems, accelerating the transformation of government functions, perfecting the systems of a market economy, preventing and controlling corruption at its source, adapting the new system to the regulations of WTO.This thesis comprehensively combs the status quo of recent reform on the Administrative Examination and Approval System. It rationally introspects those existing errors in the current reform, whichInclude the following: Reduce some items only for catering to the requirements of their superios; Today reduce some, tomorrow set up more; Reduction items without follow -up; Each personnel behaves according to his own will. This thesis also deeply analyses the difficult situation of uninterested policy, unanimous operation, unsupported measures of management, profits-oriented motivation and "the legitimacy of license economy", which lead to those errors in the reform.On the basis of this, the thesis clearly proposes the objective-the establishment of the Administrative Examination and Approval System suitable for a socialist market economy. Adhering to the principles of legitimacy, rationality, efficiency, supervision and responsibility, grasping the key links in canceling, reserving and adjusting, it tries the way of reform and revolution, assess examination and approval function, supervise the setup of authority limits,demarche the scope of standards, establish an impartial procedure, parties profit distribution, reinforce supervision and management, enact united laws and make responsibilities and remedies comprehensive. And the above-proposed measures are suggested to function as a whole and develop with supporting steps.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Administrative Jurisprudence, the Administrative Examination Approval, the Administrative License reform
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