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Research About Our Country's Agriculture Tax Reform

Posted on:2005-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152966153Subject:Public Finance
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This paper is a research about our country' s agriculture tax reform in recently. This reform has been on for about 10 years. We called the reform in recently NO. 3. Then it is very important not only for our agriculture tax system but also for unification of city tax system and country tax system. To delete the recent agriculture tax is the key to solve the "Three Agriculture" problem. To add the income of country' s people and to promote the situation of country' s people is decided by the success or not of this agriculture tax reform. This agriculture tax reform is not easy. There are many problems to be resolved such as the gap between finance income and finance cost and the justice of income in country.In summarize, to success this agriculture tax reform must take care about many sides of problems. To delete agriculture is very complex.This paper has been analyzing the factors involved in the reform and is to make some solutions.
Keywords/Search Tags:"The three agriculture problems", agriculture tax, finance transfer
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