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A Research On The Problem Of Capitalization In The Process Development Agriculture In Chongqing

Posted on:2005-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122492713Subject:Human Geography
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The problem of the capitalization of agriculture is one of the most important parts in the study of the Regional Economics. In terms of the collected data,there are plenty of researches about this problem abroad,but it is not necessary appropriate to our situations because of the difference agricultural conditions between different rigions.Moreover, the level of agricultural capitalization is different between different districts in our country. So there is necessary theoretical and practical significance to research the problem of capitalization in the process development agriculture in Chongqing.The problems of the agriculture, countryside and parents will impact on the development of one country.Meanwhile Chongqing consists of two large parts:big city and big countryside,so the structure makes agriculture and the economy of countryside be on the strategic situation for the development of national economy and society in Chongqing.Many rural areas have participated in the market economy,so the key to promote agriculture,prosper countryside and rich parents is to improve the level of agricultural capitalization stick to the road of new agriculture,to accelerate the healthy development of rural econorny.All of this embodies the outlook of sustainable development.The well-life of parents underlies the well-life of civilians in Chongqing,and the sustainable development of agriculture and countryside economy serves a base for the rapid development of Chongqing economy.The agriculture of Chongqing is in the transient process of transforming from traditional agriculture to modern one,so there are many contradictions and problems in itself.Part one emphasizes that improving the level of agricultural capitalization is the need of provote competition of agriculture.Begin with the recognition of agricultural capitalization,the thesis analyses briefly the accumulative character of agricultural capital in our country.Part two point out that the advanced agricultural capitalization is the basic trait of modern agricultural after giving the examples of thedevelopment of agricultural capitalization in America,Israel,Holland.Part three summarizes the reseans that leads to low level of agricultural capitalization after analyzing the actuality of agricultural capitalization in Chongqing.Part four analyzes the objective request of provoting agricultural capitalization in Chongqing from two aspects:one is that improving agricultural capitalization in Chongqing is the key to resolve the problems of the agriculture, countryside economy and parents;the other is that improving agricultural capitalization in Chongqing is the need to respond to the challenge from joining WTO.In terms of the above arguments and analizations,part five puts out the countermeasures to provote the constructure of agricultural fundamental establishments accelerate the stratigical adaption of agriculture and countryside economy,to construct the systems of innovating science and technology,to incomplement the social service systems of agriculture.
Keywords/Search Tags:Agricultural capitalization, World modern agriculture, New agriculture, Investment of capitaI, The economy of agriculture and countryside, Chongqing
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