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Legal Regulations Of Our Land Use With The View Of Sustainable Development

Posted on:2006-11-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152966576Subject:Environment and Resources Protection Law
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For the economical sustainable growth , the key lies with the effective use of land resources with the absence of land resources. Through unlimited possession of the resources realizing economical growth, the way has aroused our watchfulness, which has been leading to the resources destruction and waste. And sustainable development not only is a economic problem but a legal matter.From the angle of the economic analysis, the basic causes of the destruction, waste and unsustainable exploitation of the land resources lie on economic activities' exterior nature or exterior inefficiency, as well as each kind malfunctions of land resource rights related with the land resource protection. Although land resource use in our country more and more limits in the property rights are broken through, becoming the independent economic activity. Aimed at the sustainable land resource use, many legal systems are formulated. But the various kinds of legal systems could not be separated from the land public ownership, whereas at the same time, the system insufficiency also restricts the law system construction in our country. Since we cannot change the present land ownership condition, we must consummate the existing law rules and regulations under the public ownership condition to makes up the flaws and realize sustainable development of the land use in our country.Because of the system restriction, the land use civil law mainly revolves the land use right. But the country took social public interest representative, must focus on the resources protection, the development and the reasonable use regarding the land resource management. The essential target lies in the maximization of the social public welfare. From the legal angle, the country must utilize economic rules and regulations inevitably to control overall use, the concrete manifestation is the utilization plan. The macroeconomic control and the civil rules stressing the market regulation can not satisfy the sustainable land use. So, the government must be entrusted with the land management administrativefunction. But many problems also arise due to government's land administration. The civil, the economical, the administrative law systems are related with each other in our country's land use, to achieve the protection goal, realization land resource use sustainable, we must coordinate and perfect all kinds of land law systems.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable development, Circulation of land-use right, Land use planning, Land requisition
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