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Study On Development Model Of Sustainable Use Of Regional Land Resources

Posted on:2006-05-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L P ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152994969Subject:Plant Nutrition
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Land resources are important that it is material foundation on which human being depend, that it is important foundation stone of society and economy development, and that it is fundamental condition to develop farm production. Sustainable use of land resources is important foundation and premises condition to realize sustainable development of human society and economy. Under the topic of sustainable development, how to use finite land resources reasonably, and how to promote intensified and sustainable land use, and how to acquire optimal social, economical and ecological benefit has become an issue which should be resolved urgently in land science and land-use science.Land use must take account of the features of regional development, for the regional features of land use differ in thousands ways. From spatial scale, the study of sustainable land use is classified into macroscopical level, macroscopical level and microscopic level. The main limiting factors of regional sustainable land use are economical factors and ecological factors. So the study of regional sustainable land use is to seek for the development model of optimal spatial land use and type structure in whole under considering ecological environment benefit and economical benefit.To study the development model of sustainable land use, this paper makes Shawan District in Leshan as research area, and researches in several aspects hereinafter. Firstly, it analyzes regional natural resources, society, economy and land use conditions, and finds out features and problems of land use. Secondly, through establishing mathematical model of regional function division of land use, it divides the district into several function division, and basing on nature, economy and development background, it points out manners and development model of land use, hoping to build up ground work for macroscopical planning and management of regional land-use. Thirdly, on well-determined optimal target, reasonable optimal principle and proper optimal method, it forecasts land use structure, hoping to yield structure benefit and gain more on equivalent land.Through analyzing natural resources, society, economy and land use conditions of Shawan District, we find that it has the features in land use that territorial restriction is large, that land use level is globally behindhand, but development potentiality is large, and that forest is principle use...
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable land use, Regional function division of land use, Optimization of land-use structure
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