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Development And Application Of Web-based MIS In International Contracting Company

Posted on:2005-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H T LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152967645Subject:Architecture and Civil Engineering
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With the coming of knowledge economical era, information technology have been applied widely in enterprises, their function extend to all aspects of production, management, and technical development. Information technology is becoming an important and indispensable means that penetrates and covers the whole process of management for enterprises. For enterprises which want to achieve their strategic goal of running at multi-area, multi-industries and multi-countries, to make their stratagem of technical innovation, management and market deploitation come true, to turn their steps to technical innovation, management innovation and institutional innovation, informatization is the certain ways and means.At the present time, application of IT in China is still at the starting phase, IT systems are limited to be used for general transaction processing and simplye information management. Under the environmental condition that China has entered WTO and international competition is becoming more and more drastically, how to utilize IT to improve the whole management level, to boost up enterprises' integrated competitive power and abilities for dealing with changes becomes an important task to be faced by China enterprises, especially the traditional industries, such as construction industry.This thesis mainly makes an overall strategic plan for web based Management Information System integrating enterprises' innovation via thorough investigation for an international contracting enterprise, after analyzing enterprise's current management model, management status, business flow and information managing procedure from the point of whole business process, using advanced theories, idea and methods of management science in the world, taking enterprise's actual conditions into account, re-thinking the rationality of enterprise's operation, and also discusses the tropic that how international contracting enterprises can improve their management ability and marketing competitive power thorough informatization. Cost estimating and decision-making supporting system for bidding, a sub-system of MIS, is described in detail at chapter V and chapter VI of this thesis. Using of the system can greatly improve the efficiency of bidding for overseas projects, can reduce bidding costs, strengthen contractors' ability for dealing with changes during bidding under variational circumstances to a great extent, and make contractors' decision-making promptly and accurately. For enterprises at competitive international contracting markets, the development and application of this system has important meaning for strengthening their competitive power in markets deploitation.
Keywords/Search Tags:International contracting, MIS, decision-making supporting for bidding
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