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The Reform Of The Basic-level Administrative Examination And Approval Under The Perspective Of Publc Service

Posted on:2012-03-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the past few years, our country has accomplished a lot in the reform of the Administrative Examination and Approval (AEA for short), whereas there are still several universal problems we cannot evade --- the checking up of the AEA items being incomplete, the canceled AEA items being examined and approved secretly or repeatedly, and service being omitted, etc. The public service is becoming more and more important for the governments under the prefecture-level, because the reform of the AEA under that level directly faces the governmental organs at the basic level and the numerous people. By Researching the theory of the AEA and the public service , this thesis is written with an eye to use the foreign experience of the reform of the AEA and public service for reference, to analyze the reform of the AEA at the basic level under the perspective of the public service, and to bring forth several suggestions concerning the innovation of the public service and the deepening of the reform of the AEA, which contributes positive significance to the conversion of the government function, the development of the enterprises and the society, and the protection of the basic benefit of the numerous people.The thesis consists of four parts.ChapterⅠThe General Problems of the AEA and the Public ServiceIn this chapter, we discuss these problems in three parts.Firstly, we do a research on the notion and the function of the AEA. The AEA is an act that the administrative organs (including other organizations that have the power to examine and approve) examine according to the laws the applications of the natural persons, legal persons or other organizations, then give sanctions to allow them to carry out some specific actions, accept their qualifications, affirm specific civil relations or the abilities to……. The Basic-level AEA that is elaborated in this thesis mainly refers to the act that the administrative organs under the prefecture-level, including those of the municipal levels, county-level cities, counties, and the districts, examine the applications of citizens, legal persons or other organizations. The function of the AEA lies mainly in two aspects: One is The Government Regulation. The other one is the Market Adjusting.Secondly, we do a research on the notion, the scope and the characteristics of the Public Service. The function of the public service of the government mainly refers to the fact that the Public Departments of the Society implement the function of the public service, which mainly covers the Basic-level Education, Medical and Public Health, the Basic Employment, the Basic Social Security, and the Protection of the Environment. Generally, the Public Service is benefit-giving, fair and dynamic.Finally, we do a research on the necessity of strengthening the Public Service in the Basic-level AEA. One is that we must Perform official duties according to law. One is that we must change the government's function. One is that we must promote the development of the enterprises. One is that we must raise the AEA Efficiency and build up the effective government. Lastly , we must also combat corruption and build a clean government.ChapterⅡUsing the Foreign AEA Experience as ReferenceFirstly, this chapter briefly introduces the characteristics of the reform of the foreign AEAs and the development of the public service. The introduction covers the correlative situations of the America, Japan, France, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand and Sweden respectively. Then by contrast and analyzation, we come to a conclusion that there are several foreign experiences that we should use for reference. Firstly, we should raise the proportion of the public service in the AEA. Secondly, we should actively foster non-govermental organizations. Thirdly, we should persist in taking the road of law. Fourthly, we should enhance the publicity of the government policies and the communication of information. Fifthly, we should set up a complete administrative supervision and evaluation system. Last but not least, we should explore our own reform mode according to the condition of our country.ChapterⅢThe Actuality and the Problems of the Basic-level AEA in our country ----- Huludao, Liaoning province as an ExampleThis chapter consists of two parts. Namely one is the development actuality of the reform of AEA of Huludao city. The other one is the main problems that lie with the public service.Firstly, we elaborate in great detail the development actuality of the reform of AEA of Huludao city: a) More public service items have been added on the basis of canceling the redundant AEA items. b) The reform of the ways of the AEA has been constantly deepened. c) The AEA Service Center has been set up and has developed rapidly d) There has been an obvious change in the idea of public service. e) The publicity of the government policies has been enhanced.Secondly, we analyze the problems that lie with the public service. Although Huludao has made some achievements in the reform of the AEA, it still has many problems in the motivation and the content of service: a) The idea of service has not been changed completely. b) The proportion of the service-relavant items within the AEA should be raised. c) The building of the AEA service center varies greatly. d) The structure of the AEA organizations is not rational. e) Some service agencies are still linked to the government. f). There is still the lack of necessary supervision measures.ChapterⅣCountermeasures for the Innovation of the Public Service and the Deepening of the Basic-level AEA Reform In this chapter, we bring forth some countermeasures, after analyzing the actuality and the problems of the Basic-level AEA Reform. a) We should deepen the public service notion. That mainly covers the facts that we should study and educate more, strengthen the building of the regulations, simplify the AEA procedures, improve the AEA efficiency, and let the service notion embody itself in each step of the work. b) We should strengthen the building of the public service and systems. It includes the facts that we should add some public service items, extend the public service content, perfect the public service relevant law and regulations. c) We should separate AEA from supervision and service. It is strongly suggested that the comprehensive AEA bureaus or offices should be set up. d) We should strengthen the building of the basic-level AEA service centers. The local government should strengthen their leadership and increase the financial support for the AEA service centers, so as to reduce the development gap between the municipal level and the county level and to make the AEA reform develop evenly. e) We should bring into full play the service agencies. The governmental organs should leave some AEA items to the service agencies, if they can be done by the service agencies. f) We should introduce some modern high-technical measures into the AEA service system. We should institute the informationization legislation , introduce high-technical staffs, and improve the public servants'qualities. g) We should strengthen the publicity of the governmental work and the transparency of the information. h) We should try to perfect the supervision system of the AEA.This thesis is innovational in the following aspects: a) It has done a systematical research over the AEA and the public service. At present, the scholars have had some systematic ideas about the AEA and the public service, but most of them are just separate statement. The thesis combines the AEA and the public service and then discusses it comprehensively. b) It has done a comprehensive analyzation over the foreign AEA reform and the characteristics of the development of the public service, and then brought forth some experience that we could use for references. At present, the introduction of the relevant foreign content is scattered in the scholars's thesises, while this thesis of mine has compared comprehensively the foreign AEA and the public service, and then drawn a conclusion. c) It has brought forth its own thought over the AEA reform under the perspective of public service, such as setting up the comprehensive AEA bureaus, etc.However, since the AEA reform is carried out on the basis of the special economic systems of our country, it can not independently run without the present political or judicial systems or the government setups, and what's more, the conditions of each area of our country vary greatly. Therefore, the opinion of this thesis may be a little different from the reality and the instance of Huludao city has its own particularity as well.
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