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Reseach On Shen Junru Social Thought

Posted on:2012-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Mr. Shen Junru mentioned, the current academic talk more, but the research is not enough, this is mainly manifested in the majority of researchers tend to either only the views of some aspects of Mr. Shen elaborates, or to limit their life stories summary, which makes us so far, Mr. Shen Junru the glorious image of the lack of a holistic understanding. Shen Jun-ru is an outstanding patriot, democrats and communists, the famous legal scholar and educator. He across the Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China and new China, the three dynasties, through the vicissitudes of life, careworn, as opposed to feudalism and imperialist aggression and oppression, the establishment of an independent free and democratic new China prosperity and the rule of law struggle for a lifetime. He who posses the kind of lofty patriotic hot passion, selfless and fearless fighting spirit, unwavering faith in the democratic rule of law and the constant pursuit of truth and the pursuit of progress is worth every one of us thought the quality of reverence to follow. Mr. Shen Junru lack of research, we historians should be ashamed of. From the deeper sense, the present, China is in the economic and political systems critical period of transition, a variety of deep-seated social conflicts more and more prominent, given China's socialist modernization had brought problems, how to resolve these contradictions, to China's modernization to provide a harmonious and stable social environment, we build a socialist harmonious society important task to study. In view of this, the paper conception macro Shen Junru Mr. various ideas and views for analysis and research, in order to be able to fully understand Shen Junru social thought will help, but hope to be able to Shen Junru social thought of the new harvest , dig out the precious spiritual wealth to be carried forward, for the construction of a harmonious socialist society to provide food for thought.Shen Jun-ru is a famous revolutionary, his struggle for the birth of new China of 40 years. In the 40 years of revolutionary career, Shen Junru encountered numerous difficulties and obstacles, but he had never been back, but grew in courage, and always walk in the forefront of the revolutionary ranks. Scholars from an examination into the origin of the Reformation reformers advocated constitutional monarchy, from reformist to a revolutionary Marxist who colonialism, to complete the communist transformation into a glorious banner of the Democratic Left parties, the success of Shen Junru three times to achieve a big leap in thinking, and eventually realize that only the Communist Party can save China, only the Communist Party can liberate China. In this thesis, the Chinese background of the different stages of social revolution as the basis, Mr. Shen Junru Revolution in China, the idea of ??different changes in the clues, discuss the following four aspects. First of all: In explaining the Shen Junru scholars from the feudal theory of change to the source of the Patriots Restoration and realistic basis for the same time, the core of this thesis involved - Shen Junru the basic content of reform ideas of independence and comparative elaboration. Second: with Shen Junru democratic republic revolution in China's revolutionary activities, analysis of Shen Jun-ru from the Reformers to the Democratic Republic of the thinkers of the process of change. On this basis, the paper of Shen Junru important revolution in the thinking of this idea, such as political parties, political ideology, the United Province of constitutional democracy by the people thought and depth of educational thought. In the third part, to Mr. Shen Junru salvation of people during the anti Thoughts of the United Front for a detailed discussion and demonstration nature of the people from the United Front for National Salvation and the Communist ideology of the anti-Japanese national united front proposed by the consistency of ideas . The last part of the paper to Mr. Shen Junru After the victory in China, the founding ideology of two different studies were analyzed, and from the theory and practice of the Founding of Shen Junru changes are described. In the epilogue, the author of Shen Junru the significance of social ideas were summarized.
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