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Transformation And Reform Of The Legal Ideas In Modern Chinese Society

Posted on:2006-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Undoubtedly, China is being in a period of social transformation, the construction of the market economy, the improvement of extent of the political democratization, the change of the social structure, the legalization of system control measures, and so on. The economy, politics and social life are getting rid of the traditional patterns and developing towards the modernization. It's the final goal of social transformation that the rule of law society is accomplished in the end. However, the present situation of the law ideas is opposite to the requirements of the transformation society. It is hindering the pace of modernization and hard to found the idea basis of the modern rule of law. In the thesis, beginning with the objective fact of social transition of China, the author analyzes the reasons of leading to the present situation of the Chinese law ideas and the differences between it and the modern ones, and explores the ways of the transition from the Chinese traditional law ideas to the modern ones.
Keywords/Search Tags:the social transformation, the law ideas, the transition of the law ideas
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