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Research On Political Mutual-trust Of Cross-straits Under The Guiding Principle Of Peaceful Reunification And One Country Two Systems

Posted on:2017-05-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q Y LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2336330485456504Subject:Marxism in China
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For the reason that all the issues relating with Taiwan have been considered with high sensitiveness and concern,the degree of political mutual-trust of Cross-straits is also being regarded as a very effective barometer for its relationship.With the background of the positive fact that the relationship has followed a peaceful developing way in recent years,it should be meaningful to systematically trace back on the complicated developing history of the political mutual-trust of Cross-straits,basing on the great promotion and experience of carrying out the‘Peaceful Reunification and One Country Two Systems' policy,and further,figure out the regular pattern and inspiration.What's more,it will be beneficial to keep the right orientation of Cross-straits and promote the process of the peaceful reunification of the motherland,and also,from the perspective,the research will show its practical value.This paper is based on the guidance of dialectical materialism and historical materialism,mainly adopting literature analysis and comparative analysis,and combines many professional viewpoints of expertise with the author's overly a decade of practical working experience.By classifying and analyzing a great number of historical facts and documents,the author would like to make a comprehensive study,with various perspectives,on the issue of political mutual-trust of Cross-straits under the ‘Peaceful Reunification and One Country Two Systems' policy.There are totally four chapters in the paper.In Chapter One,it briefly illustrates the scientific definition,the common feature,the theory creativities and the instructiveness of the‘Peaceful Reunification and One Country Two Systems' policy,from the inheritance angles of thoughts,theories and policies.Chapter Two mainly focuses on the evolutionary track of political mutual-trust of Cross-straits since the implementation of the ‘Peaceful Reunification and One Country Two Systems' policy,following different stages of the history of Cross-straits relation,and then summarizes its regular outcomes plus enlightenment.In Chapter Three,by stating achievements and problems,the paper presents the current situation of political mutual-trust of Cross-straits,and makes a deeper analysis and periodical outlookon how to improve the extent of political mutual-trust of Cross-straits,according to the history of mutual Cross-straits political positioning.In Chapter Four,some feasible suggestions are presented on the issue,basing on the analysis of advantageous points and barriers.
Keywords/Search Tags:the ‘Peaceful Reunification and One Country Two Systems' policy, the1992 Consensus, political mutual-trust of Cross-straits, strategic suggestions
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