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Comments On Japan' S Central Asia Strategy

Posted on:2012-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Japan's Central Asia strategy was shaped in 2004, the relationship between Japan and Central Asia has developed rapidly since then. As an important neighbor of China in Asia, the analysis and assessment of Japan's Central Asia strategy is of great strategic significance, for any changes in the balance of power in the Central Asian region will have a geopolitical impact on China. Because both Japan and Central Asia have the practical need in the development of mutual relations, whether the economic interests ,political interests or geopolitical interests, the development of bilateral relations is a jointly results rather than Japan's unilaterally wishes. However, in the different historical stages between the bilateral relations of Japan and Central Asia, that is from1991 to 1997, from 1997 to 2004, and since 2004, the Japanese government's emphasis on developing relations with Central Asian countries are not the same. In spite of this, in the process of Japan's - Asian Relations, the Japan's government development assistance ODA has always been playing an irreplaceable important role. By providing government development aid to the Central Asian countries and a series of actual investment, the Japanese government greatly support and actively participate in the process of Central Asian countries in the development of the domestic economy. All of these has laid a good foundation for the development of bilateral relations between Japan and Central Asia, and the same function to promote " Japan in Central Asia " dialogue mechanism for Central Asian strategic framework for the seeds of hints foreshadowing. Based on the good foundation, the development of the relations between Japan and Central Asia go smoothly. In addition, Japan's Central Asia strategy also has coordinated with the United states, balanced strategic consideration of Russia and China. Although Japan's involvement in the Central Asian affairs will inevitably bring some negative effects to a certain extent between China's Central Asian strategy, we should neither to be too nervous nor did the Japanese strategy in Central Asia as a strategy of containing China. As long as the Japanese government can abandon the national emotion, there are possibilities and necessities of cooperation between China and Japan on the issue of Central Asia.
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