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Research On The Role Of The Intermediary Organizations In The Process Of Administrative Examination And Approval

Posted on:2012-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335964105Subject:Administrative Management
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Because many non-core affairs limits the efficiency of government in the prosess of the administrative approval, the government looking forward to get supports from the intermediary organizations in the non-core business area. This paper studies the problem that intermediary organizations doesn't play a good role in the Chinese government administrative examination and approval process.This paper analyzes the rationality of the current phenomenon of intermediary organizations supporting the administrative approval on theoretically perspective. Then selected the most representative cities to empirical research and analysis. The paper tries to draw some reasonable and feasible suggestions and institutional arrangements by studying, in order to optimize the intermediary's role in the administrative examination and approval, so that the government withdraw from the micro aspects of the out administrative functions to focus point to macro-control,social services and public management.Through in-depth interviews and questionnaires, this article summarized the constraints of the current phenomenon of intermediary organizations supporting the constraints of administrative approval. And according this, proposed some new measures that different from the government agent system. This paper argues that the government should establishing a basic principles of the intermediary organization, a clear development of their ideas, and strict supervision of the industry, in order to create a good atmosphere of the development of the industry. Finally, this article clearly defined the scope of intermediary organizations, and the choice of site construction, and charges were discus sed in detail.This paper combination of the "intermediary organizations" and "administrative examination and approval" research focus, and based on extensive research study to proposed a new perspective and approach to improve the efficiency of administrative examination and approval.
Keywords/Search Tags:Intermediary service organizations, Government administrative examination and approval, Service-oriented government
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