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Study On Migrant Worker's Return To The Countryside Of China

Posted on:2012-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166330335973460Subject:Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
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With China's economic development and the further promotion of reform and opening up, migrant workers become a upsurge. Recently, however, many cities have seen new phenomenon of a large number of migrant workers returning. We must soberly recognize that, in the return of migrant workers although there are some successful entrepreneurs, more than that is passive return of migrant workers. For them as long as conditions improved, migrant is the general trend. This phenomenon shows that there are still some problems in the process of the rural surplus labors'transfer. It also reflects some helplessness and anxiety of the deep group of migrant workers on the binary system,a novel mode of the labor market is needed.Problem about agriculture rural areas and farmers is the current of economic and social development in China and problem of migrant workers'is the top priority. Because the flow of migrant workers is not only the stability of rural and urban, more importantly, it relates to the establishment of a harmonious society in China and the grand goal of building a moderately prosperous society. Therefore, how to understand the phenomenon of migrant workers'reflux correctly, and places it at the larger context of economic and social problems, is significant for orderly flow of migrant workers.This article is divided into six chapters.First chapter introduces the background, the purpose of this thesis. the practical and theoretical significance. The second chapter introduces the concepts of rural migrant workers and several theoretical models, including the Lewis model, Fei Han-Ranis model, Todaro model and the system of population migration push-pull model, have laid a solid theoretical basis for the following in-depth research. Chapter in accordance with the wishes of the return of migrant workers, the length of time and the size of return the classification, followed from the values, age distribution, gender identity, marital status, education level of the five characteristics of the return of migrant workers, and finally introduced return flow of migrant workers and the local flow of the industry. The fourth chapter, detailed analysis of the contribute and problems and analyzes the pros and cons of returning migrant workers in China, we find that the influence of the return of migrant workers is more harm than good. The fifth chapter, drawing on theoretical model of push-pull system of the population, and according to China's specific national conditions outside the system, including national policies and cultural values, economic structure and economic factors such as changes in the environment, using the expanded model of migrant workers,from push factors, pull factors of returning migrant workers and factors outside the system to carry out causes of returning migrant workers. The final chapter is the measures and suggestions.of China's rural labor reflux. As this stage, most of China's migrant workers are return back passively. This chapter proposes a reasonable solution about back issues of the rural labor, which can effectively promote the initiative return to the rural, more importantly, the rural labor is able to achieve a more reasonable flow.
Keywords/Search Tags:the peasant workers, backflow of the migrant workers, initiative reflux, passive reflux
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