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Ancient Chinese Police Respect To The Base, The Following System To Monitor The Way Assessment,

Posted on:2009-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360245459908Subject:Administrative Management
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China carried out special supervising way with"humble persons examining noble men","lower level group supervising higher ones"in the ancient times. There are tow reasons for this phenomenon :the first one is that the rules were made for priority taget specifically to restrain the feudalist society authority; secondly people's mentality law and supervising law foamed this inevitable result. But in"the official-centered"feudalism grade society, it is conditional that this one unique supervising way can exist. For instance, emperor's support and protects , strict choosing examines, management system that the perpendicularity has under command, the encouragement mechanism of the noble place , huge power, high awarding and all-round close legal institutions ensurement. To analyse the advantages and disadvantages of the supervising way with"humble persons examining noble men"and"lower level group supervising higher ones", we can use the acient rules to serve the present age , perfect administration supervises system and provide the beneficial enlightenment in our country in the nowadays.
Keywords/Search Tags:supervising way, humble persons examining noble men, lower level group supervising higher ones
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