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New Rural Construction Township Government In Western China Under The Public Service Capacity Building

Posted on:2012-01-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330338997922Subject:Administrative Management
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The provision of public services for the public's most basic functions of modern government, and the typical signs. Township government, as the most grass-roots political organization, higher levels of government to contact the party and a bridge linking peasants in rural economic and social development plays an important role.At present, China's sustained rapid economic development, the central government strong rural support for public services, so that the living standards of rural residents greatly improved. Take this opportunity to the rural areas the demand for public services presents a comprehensive and rapid growth. At present, rural areas and rural residents on public service requirements and demand the current also reached unprecedented levels. Meanwhile, the rural public service not only showcases the gap between urban and rural public services is too large, but also in the east and west imbalance in rural public services. This has seriously affected our social and economic development in rural areas west and the improvement of living standards of farmers. China's inadequate supply of public goods in rural areas for a long time, the low level of public services in rural areas, the vast western rural areas inadequate supply of public goods in rural areas, low levels of the government's public service capacity is particularly acute. Seriously affected our social and economic development level of harmony. As public goods, the supply of public services ----- township government administrative body, the level of public services directly related to the vast rural areas, agriculture, the development of farmers. Is in the Plenum of the party's "new socialist countryside, "the major rural development strategy for China under the township government to improve the level of public services put forward higher requirements. Therefore, how to strengthen the public service function of township government to improve the level of rural public services is the main problem discussed in this paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:Construction of new socialist countryside, Western Region, New Type Members, Township Government, Public service capacity
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