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Research On Urban Land Reservation System In Chong Qing

Posted on:2006-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X F ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360152994952Subject:Land Resource Management
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In china, the development of urban land reservation system (ULRS) is the result of comprehensive function of our economic system reform, land policy evolution, city management and so on. The naissance of the system has exerted a great influence on urban land market, real estate market and urban general planning. The implementation of ULRS is a great reform in order to strengthen state-owned land management, to standardize grant of rights to use state-owned land, to establish openness, fairness and justice land use system, to avoid state-owned land assets loss. It helps to give full play to the basic disposition on the urban land resource in the market, to strengthen government macro-adjustments on supply market, to standardize the marketing order, to ensure the benign operation of the market system, to avoid the poor efficiency because of market failure in resource distribution of urban land, to give full use of land assets value, to increase the construction fund of the infrastructure, to combine the space overall arrangement, and to realize the goal of sustainable development of the city.Currently, theory research about urban land reservation in Chongqing is scarcity. Comprehension of the function, theory foundation and operating mechanism of land reservation is superficiality. There is also lack of research on other relative disciplines. In operation, there are some problems: 1 some defects exist in law concerning ULRS; 2 the effective operation of ULRS is shortage of cooperation and harmony between government departments. 3 the financing system and venture avoidance should be improved.With methods of investigation, consultation and system analyse, this paper studies the urban land reservation mode, financing system and venture avoidance mechanism in the theoretic guidance of the market failure theory, government economics and institution economics theory. The purpose of this paper aims at expecting that the study on ULRS in our city will do a valid supplement in theory and play a certain guidance role in our city rational, sound development in practice. Some conclusions are as follows:1 design the urban land reservation modeIn Chongqing, the institution of land reservation (land bank) is different from the single-structure of Shanghai or double- structure of Hangzhou. There are only land administrative departments as management organization, and land banks as operation organization. Being short of decision organization, land banks have to act as both operator and decision makers. As operator, land banks aim at making the maximum profits, and as decision makers, they aim at collocating land resources reasonably in order to pursue the maximum social utilities. But on the premise that there is lack of guarantee of system and law, it is difficult to find out an optimal cohesion point between government and market. This will prevent land banks from further developing.It is reasonable and feasible to establish three layer system including land reservation committee, land administrative department and land reservation organizations. The committee is decision maker and conditioner, the middle layer is management organization, and the land banks are operators. Some mechanisms such as guidance and coordination, price, incentive-constraint and revenue distribution should be set up in order to ensure the three organizations to operate better.
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