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A Study On The Problems And Strategies In Pushing Forward The E-ombudsman Of The Chinese Government

Posted on:2006-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155454280Subject:Administrative Management
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Electronic-ombudsman is a product of information technology combining with Internet, and it is a new-brand form of ombudsman. The thesis analyzes the governmental e-ombudsman considering the angle of the functions of the governmental ombudsman, at the basis of endeavoring my best to understand the meaning and the content of the governmental e-ombudsman, and in according to the current practice of the governmental ombudsman, further analyzes the obstacles and countermeasures of pushing it aiming at improving the servings of the governmental e-ombudsman and pushing it forward. The thesis is divided into four parts. In the first part, the thesis reveals the meaning and function of the governmental ombudsman. On the basis of knowing its meaning the thesis indicates the functions of the governmental ombudsman, which includes seizing the letters, calling in and telephone; seizing the e-ombudsman; consultation of the policies and rules of law; monitoring; checking and coordinating. The thesis indicates that seizing the e-ombudsman is one of the functions of the governmental ombudsman as a new-brand form, which widens the channels of the governmental ombudsman so that it will promote to realize the functions of the governmental ombudsman. In the second part, the thesis reveals the concept of the e-ombudsman and further analyzes its essence and content. The thesis points out that its essence is not simply using information technology in the governmental ombudsman or using information technology to settle all of the matter the public reflect by the e-ombudsman, but that facing the challenge of the information age, the governmental ombudsman should reform the organization structure and rearrange the administrative procedure by using the advanced information technology so as to widen the channel of the governmental ombudsman further, and offer a better servings to the public. On the basis of these, the thesis further analyzes the content of the governmental e-ombudsman. First, it reveals the content of "government in the Internet"considering the angle of the theory and practice, which points out that its content should consider the quality and character of the certain function; Second, it points out the content of the governmental e-ombudsman, which includes seizing the e-mails, seizing the individual calling in on line, collecting the suggestions of the public, and consultation the policies and the rules of law. In the third part, the thesis simply analyzes the current development considering the angle of the functions and the main characters of the governmental e-ombudsman in China. The e-ombudsman offers the public the servings of high-efficiency, however, it is different from the traditional governmental ombudsman so that it will bring a series of the relevant reforms which reveal many contradicts and conflicts in the course of the reform. So, the thesis points out that in according to the knowledge of sociology, management and e-government, the obstacles which arouse during the course of pushing e-ombudsman consist of concept of the civil servants, institutional absence, the lack of the governmental credit and the difficulty in sharing the information of the e-ombudsman. In the fourth part, the thesis analyzes the relevant countermeasures aiming at settling the obstacles. First, we should change our concept to adapt the e-ombudsman with an active attitude from the four parts which include the orientation of the governmental ombudsman's role, enhancing the consciousness and capability of the information age, change the thought of the technologists and increasing the communication with the public; Second, perfecting and innovating institutions which includes standardize the institutions, constructing "communication in the middle of three nets"and "integration of the three"so as to coordinate the governmental e-ombudsman and sharing information of the e-ombudsman, having an effective supervision and bringing the government affairs into open; Third, we should reconstruct the government credit. All levels of the governmental ombudsman...
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