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The Research Of Ombudsman System In UK

Posted on:2012-02-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338459684Subject:Constitution and Administrative Law
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This paper is mainly about the research of the Ombudsman system in UK .Firstly, it tells about the history of the Ombudsman ,the specific mode operation ,the main problem of the system and the future of the system in details, then it grasp on the role played by the ombudsman and his status in the system of British administrative law to analyze the effectiveness of the mechanism. The paper can also offer some reference value to the improvement of the Administrative Law system construction in our country.This paper is divided into five parts: The first part begins with the origin and the history of the Ombudsman in UK, Then, the author analyze the role played by him and his status in British Administrative law system to illustrate the basic overview of Ombudsman.. In the second part, according to the classification of Ombudsman in UK, the public sector Ombudsman types and their mode of operation are both illustrated by the author. In the third part, the mainly problem in British Ombudsman system such as The MP Filter,Own-Initiative Investigation,Independence and Impartiality, Support and Accountability are analyzed and explained. In the fourth part, the author begins with the analyze on the effectiveness of the Ombudsman,the advantage and the disadvantage,then it illustrate the trends of the system from the reform of the institution and the reform of the transformation of the role played by it to the self-improvement. In the five part, the author promotes suggestions on how to improve the Administrative law system in our country by the Ombudsman system in UK.Literature research methods is used in this paper.As the author has collected a lot of First-hand materials in foreign languages which have a certain authority and timeliness, reflecting the latest developments of the system. Furthermore, The author makes comparative study on Ombudsman system , Parliamentary supervision mechanisms, Judicial review system and internal complaint mechanism in Administrative organs. The comparative analysis of research methods used in this paper is to make people know the function and the role of the Ombudsman well.
Keywords/Search Tags:Maladministration, Ombudsman, Ombudsman in UK
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