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Research On China And Japan Relations In Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation

Posted on:2017-01-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330485488220Subject:Political science
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After World War II, the world in general maintains a level of peace. The world economy has entered the era of globalization, there is currently the world’s two regional cooperation organization with the typical sense of the North American Free Trade Organization European and North American regional cooperation in Europe, regional cooperation formed. The current Northeast Asia contains the total economy in the world ranking second and third in China and Japan, is the hot spot of world economic development. Compared to the development of the EU and NAFTA, the Northeast Asian countries have a relatively good economic basis for cooperation, but the overall process is slow development of regional cooperation. Among them, the cooperation between China and Japan dominate the process of cooperation in Northeast Asia. But the relation of China and Japan appear to be a contradiction, economic cooperation and political cooperation unequal. In such cases, the paper hopes to find ways to solve the development of Sino-Japanese relations in the perspective of Northeast Asia Regional Cooperation.This paper argues that the existence of things in common and personality between the points. Each regional cooperation areas have common features and exclusive features. Therefore, the meaning of the first co-factors from the analysis region, cooperation and influence the content; the second is to analyze the current interpretation of the more mature view of regional cooperation, regional cooperation to find common; again, from the economic, political, cultural, security four We analyzed the current situation in Northeast Asia cooperation. The author believes that to solve the problem Cooperation in Northeast Asia, we must first solve the problem between China and Japan. Take steps easier issues first, to promote the economic development and political development. Divided into specific, deepen Sino-Japanese economic cooperation, enhance political mutual trust and Japan, to strengthen cultural exchanges between China and Japan, to build security cooperation in Northeast Asia.Cooperation in Northeast Asia is a trend of historical development, the successful cooperation area, there are some obstacles, but from the overall and long-term perspective, the regional cooperation for each country are the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. China and Japan should stand in the history of height aside their differences, follow the development trend of the times, the early realization of Regional Cooperation for help.
Keywords/Search Tags:northeast Asia, region cooperation, the relation of China and Japan
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