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The Relationship Between China And Russia In The North And East Asia

Posted on:2006-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182493377Subject:International relations
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Abstract: China and Russia are two big countries in the North and East Asia, where the two countries have widespread common interests. The two countries have established strategic cooperation partnership, which helps them maintain a close consultation and cooperation in a series of vital questions. The two countries frequently make communication with each other on some vital questions in this area, coordinating their standpoints. The boundary problem between China and Russia finally has been solved, which also helps the two countries' political relationship to develop in a healthier direction. With the development of Chinese economy, the resources needed will also greatly increase, for instance, petroleum and natural gas, but the far east area will be the important resource exploring area in Russian's new government plan;therefore, both countries has the broad development prospects here. The economic and trade cooperation in the North and East Asia are one of important parts of the two countries' economic cooperation. In order to realize better economic and trade cooperation of two sides, attention should be paid not only to trade activities and service trades, but also to energy, science and technology, agriculture and traveling cooperations. As a result of historical and some actual reasons, some of the far east area inhabitants holds the prejudice and the suspicion to China, for instance, "the Chinese threat theory" and "the far east immigrant question " tend to create some barriers and troubles to the cooperation between the two countries. The far east local governments of Russia also lag behind the whole relation, which will have some influence on whole relation. The two nations should strengthen each other in spiritual and cultural aspects, and only in that way can both countries do well, just like in the Good-neighborly Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation, "the two countries will be friends forever and never be foes." "the countries will be good neighbors, good friends and good partners."...
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