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Primary Exploration On Contemporary Government In Our Country Management Models On Civil Nonprofit Organizations

Posted on:2007-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182494774Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the country initiated its reform and opening-up policy, with the market economy mature gradually, market failure , government failure and other problems have emerged increasingly. Nonprofit organizations can correct effectively market failure and government failure; at the same time, as the fresh main bodies in the public management field in China, nonprofit organizations have the obvious functional advantages in the aspects that accelerate the community to develop and meet the public requirements. In such circumstances, nonprofit organizations in our country have been developing faster than ever before.According to the correlation degree of government and nonprofit organizations, nonprofit organizations in our country can be divided into official nonprofit organizations and civil nonprofit organizations. The research of this article is our civil nonprofit organizations, "civil nonprofit organizations" also be known as "civil organizations " ,it refers to the nonprofit and nongovernmental civil organizations, including the definition of social group and civilian-run non-enterprise company in the related administrative regulations in the "General Rules on the Civil Law" , and other nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations that they do not have the legal status .Civil nonprofit organizations play an important role in the management of public affairs. However, unique management model in our country that formed from planned economy to market economy seriously restricts and fetters the adoption and operation of civil nonprofit organizations, so Chinese civil nonprofit organizations become a dependency of its social service function. This management model is manifested mainly in the management system, registered management and supervision of management. With the analysis on the theory of relationship between state field and society field, the present management system of trade promotion association is in the...
Keywords/Search Tags:Civil nonprofit Organization, Relationship between State Field and Society Field, Management Model, Corporatism led by state, Corporatism led by society
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