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A Study On The Relationship Of Non-government Organization And Government In The Diversified Structure Of Social Governance

Posted on:2007-07-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360182495328Subject:Administrative Management
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The theory of "governance", as a new pattern and new theory, is totally different from traditional administration. Comparing with traditional administration, thetheory of "governance" has the new meaning in subjects, ways, objects and goals."Governance" emphasizes not unification of the government power, but the diversification of subjects; emphasizes not governmental single management fromtop to bottom, but interaction management between top and bottom; emphasizes notonly national public affairs, but also universality of objects and unification of the targets. The essence of "governance" is referred to the diverse authority to manage the public affairs commonly between top and bottom on the basis of mutually criterion for the sake of the common valuations and benefits.Non-governmental organizations, which are the social civil organizations, emerged late in the 20 centuries. They, as a kind of new system, have the enormous potential and make it possible to solve the failure of market and government. As the importance parts of citizen society and subjects of governance, non-governmental organizations that have stronger variety, flexibility, creativity and participation, play more and more important roles in managing national and social public affair .But in changing china, As a result of some subjective and objective conditions, the classification of the relations between the society and the government is illegible; the government choice model controls non-governmental organizations, to non-governmental organizations themselves, their own validity is absent. These cause in equal relation between the strong government and the weak society, that is to say the control and the controlled. This in equal cooperative relation has encroached on the body of modern democratic society. Therefore, This article suggest that on one hand the government should promote non-governmental organizations to move towards cooperating with it from top to bottom, on the other...
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