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Study On Development Issue Of Chinese Non-governmental Organization

Posted on:2006-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360182957026Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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Since late 80th of last centery,international commmunity revolution embark on this world silently,nongovernmental organizations emerge in large nunbers throughout the world . Main character is its independence from government and market non-profit-making,it is both a significant organization innovation and system innovation which occur beyond market system and state system with unique character and specialised advantage,this kind of innovation can positively take various activities solve certain social economic problems .These playes efficiently an inportant role in pulling social economic development throughout the world.In such situation ,neither market nor government can rearch it. Currently ,Chinese reformation which aims at adjustment of significant interest relationship is on solid foundation period ,social transformation has already come to crucial times .Therefore ,the research on development issue of non-government enables chinese non-government organisation to take on an important social part ,during the transformation course of "small government ,big society "governmental functions .This has significant meaning in improving Chinese social ecnnomy's continual stabilised healthy fast development。The paper is consist 4 parts. Part1 , Focuses on non-government organisation's definition ,characters ,styles. There are some misuse of definition due to different concertrating point of different countries and scholars.Now the most authoritative definition is made by professor Samon , John Hopkins University.He concentrates on the structure ,operating styles of non-government ,he deems that the definition must have organisation ,among the people (also called non-government) ,non-interest ,autonomy,,volunteer these 5 factors ,that can a organisation be called as NGO From character's view, NGO have 4 characters :non-interests ,non-government ,volunteer and mutualty beneficial character. It has 5 styles :the primary organization ,public institution organization ,among the non-government public profit welfare organization ,the narrow sense community and the medium organization .Strictly speaking ,in China ,there hardly has meaningful NGO which complete coherence with international standard. According to Chinese scholar the NGO can be definited as long as the formal official organisation which is registered lawfully,taken non-interested activities ,satisfied volunteer and public requirements,had different scale of independence and autonomy ,that can be called chinese NGO.from law's view ,we have 3 kinds of NGO, including social community ,enterprise and foundation .So ,NGO can be defined according to law ,its intrinsic character is to set non-government 's development orientation ,activity scale ,operating system and so on .Therefore it will enable government to better formulate non-government organisation's developoment law framework,and then improve the development of non-government organization. Part2,Generalize NGO's birth development and role in developed countries ,NGO is a historic idea ,its appearance is the result of the changing relationship between government ,market ,state and society .Genenally speaking ,world's NGO is mainly activate in the following 4fields :education and science reaearch ,medical service ,social service and culture entertainment .However ,they have different proportion ratio in world countries'social econnmic life .This essay taking American for example ,try to prove NGO's proportion rate in developed countries'social economic life. NGO has great impact on social development ,mainly including several factors :help to implement government's insecurity on social development ,mobilize social resource's partiapating in social development ,widen substantial employment opportunities ,pull the society to help "needed community",develop poor regions ,shorten distance between poor and rich ,improve social fairness .So that UN Secrectary Kofe Annan believed that non-government organisation is the fifth factor in influencing global development . Part3,Profoundly analysis our country's non-government organisation's development's history and current situation .Seen from the contempory history ,our country's NGO can be divided 3parts by the mark of the found of PRC and the third plenary session of the 11th party central committee ,till today ,chinese NGO has already several how essence change in compatison with the past .it plays an important part in the development of the economy and politics .Mainly express in a focalized way that the independence and the whole power of the NGO has greatly improved Social influence expandsday by day the quantity ,scale,activity field ,activity ability,interchange of organizations,ability to raise funds ,have greatly improved and through every channels to influence the government policy .Compared with the NGO of the developed countries ,Chinese NGO still remains in the difficult situation .on the aspect of the organization's scale,activity ability ,especially the basic attribute which accordance with the infernational standard suffers from an inherent shortage .Meanwhile ,the law system,the social support culture background which are necessary for development ,are relatively not perfect ,they are restrained dually by self-ability construstion ,external law system ,policy culture enviornment and so on . Due to the lash of the social change ,the aspiration spirit,public goods consciousness and social sincere which are essential to the development of NGO are scarely insufficient,they all seriously restrain the development of chinese NGO. Part 4,According to the current development of chinese society which raises a necessary and essential claim to NGO,puts forward the policy idea and suggestion that chinese NGO develops .During the government reformation ,the advancement of the market economy and the coming globlzation ,NGO is becoming a more and more essential organization system which can solve many social problems .Such as the new born profit unit ,the transtion of government capbility ,the improvement of social justment ,the external communication and the volnteer service and so on ,they all need the NGO to participate in .Especially in our country which is now in the period of social transition ,on one hand ,the reformation of chinese government economic system needs a strong NGO to continue the function which transfers from the government .on other hand ,Chinese NGO due to the self result can not continue this tranformation .So how to develop the NGO positively becomes the most currently important task .1. Realize the subject transtion from the social groups to the community.2. Define the NGO's function properly ,profect its independence .3. Establish and consummate the laws and preferential policy of the NGO.4. Draft NGO's goal ,arounding the development of economy and society.5. Enhance the propagate degree .6. Pay attention to the study of NGO . That development issue of Chinese NGO is a long and difficulty mission .during this period ,we should not only focus on the accordance with international standard ,but also fully considers the different character .weshould explore a development way with chinese NGO characterisitic .It not only comes from government which makes great efforts from top to bottom but also NGO from bottom to top.
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