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Research On The System Of Land Expropriation

Posted on:2006-05-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J J ZhuFull Text:PDF
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Land is the fundamental of politics. The land is the mankind most basic , most valuable natural resources. Constitutional amendment of 2004 collect to our country the legal perfection system of land expropriation put forward the urgent proposition. Because the land is collected the social concern caused grows in intensity in actual life,public interests define unidentified collecting abuse , expropriation procedure norm of right lack, compensate unreasonable finding a room for uncompletely ,etc. to collect. All these have relations to collect the legal system imperfectly with land of our country. The land is collected purpose legitimacy reflects the requirement of restraining the government from abusing surging power ;take over the land for use and compensate and find a room for reflecting it to the property owner and compensation with lost proprietary of using people ;the carrying throughout just , transparently of procedure of expropriation of land .This text collected basic theories , operating mechanism of collecting the system of land around the land, have carried on the concrete discussion to these questions. Have recommended analysing the foreign land and collecting the system, has analysed the land of our country and collected the deficiency of the system, have proposed some perfect suggestions.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land expropriation, Land requisition, Public interests, Compensation of the land expropriation
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