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Research On Prevention-control Strategy Of Public Order In Community

Posted on:2007-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185954257Subject:Criminal Law
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At present, the problem of social order is extremely prominent in China, which has threatened the safety of people and social stability, and also has an effect on process of socialism construction of the modernizations with Chinese characteristics. For the reason, as the development and deep-going of revolution for economic system in China, the society of China transforms from tradition to modernlization, and from agricultural society to industrial one. At the same time of ecnomical development, the gap between rich and poor is further enlarged, the contradictions among the people intensifies, the social problems arises out and the situation of social order deteriorates. Facing the more and more evident problems of public security during the period of rapid society transformation, the academic circles and practitioners imitate advanced idea and successful experience, especially the practice of community police service, and brings out many preventative measures for community order, on the base of fundamental principal policy of comprehensive administration of social public order, which is established by the Central Committee.The solution of pubilc order problem is not absolutely accidental. Community is the organized cell of society, and is also the basic of social development and stability. The construction of community has plentiful content and important function of social integration, and administration of community order is the premise and base of the whole social order. Community is considered as the base of prevention-control strategy of public order. From this point, the author puts forward the prevention-control strategy of public order.This article comprises of four chapters, and its main content is as follows:The first chapter attaches importance to the relationship between the transformation of Chinese society and the situation of social order. This chapter introduces firstly the meaning and content. Secondly, it analyzes the serious effection on situation of social order, which the condition of increase on social contradiction in the period of transformation and lack of system results in, and make an conclusion that the deterioration of social order situation is the cost of social transformation.The second chapter proposes the prevention-control strategy of public order in community. This chapter firstly proposes the meaning of the prevention-control strategy of public order in community. Next, this chapter points out the basis on which the strategy is proposed, which includes the realistic basic and relative theory. At last, this chapter makes it clear that the prevention-control strategy of public order is the concretization of comprehensive administration of social public order.The third chapter sets forth the ideas of community police service in the west. This chapter introduces firstly the core idea and concept of community police service. Secondly, it introduces the basic characters of community police service and a few concrete measures which west countries took when they enforce community police service, in order to provide i mi tation.The forth chapter elaborates the constuction of public order prevention-control system in community. First of all, on the base of comprehensively consideration about subject, method and object of public order prevention-control, this chapter constructs the three-dimensional model of the public order prevention-control system in community, which is made of four parts:point, line, scope and system. Besides,this chapter points out the characteristic which the system must have. it explicits in the end the operative method of public order prevention-control system, to ensure the realization of function in the public order prevention-control system.
Keywords/Search Tags:social transformation, comprehensive administration, community police service, prevention-control strategy of public order in community
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