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The Research Of The Comprehensive Renovating And Supervising System Of Community Police In The Social Transformation

Posted on:2007-12-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360185486514Subject:Administrative Management
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Since the 3rd Session of the 11th National Representative Congress of the CPC in 1978, China has experienced a great change from the traditional society to the modern one. In this process, a series of changes have happened in all fields of Chinese economy and superstructure, which have exerted profound influence on Chinese society in every aspect such as economy, politics, moral, culture, law and so on. And the particularity of Chinese social transformation will consequentially bring the tremendous influence to the social police of China, the community development and the police governance in the community.Chinese comprehensive renovating and supervising system of public security was established at the beginning period of this social transformation. Though it has exerted important powers on maintaining the social stability and security, it still lags behind the process of current social transformation, and its operating mechanism and administrative mode bear much dense elements left behind by the old planned economy. The coming of the accelerating period of social transformation necessarily requires the public security system to change from the traditional mode to the modern one. And Chinese social transformation brings both uncommon opportunity and austere challenge to the development of this system. Thus the primary mission of this dissertation is finding a new entrance to study.The community is the burgeoning outcome of the social transformation. It syllabify reflects the track of the multi-power, the multi-society and the flux of the relation between the government and the citizen. It has become the focus and the core of the modern city administering. In this process, the community must gradually participate several functions from the security-administering serve of the government. The police-socialization is the important route that achieve the transformation of the traditional system and the consummating of the community security mechanism. Thus this dissertation chooses the community as the entrance.At present, there are not yet the concept------the comprehensive renovating and supervisingsystem of community police in the theory field and the practice. On the base of analyzing the main body, the thereunder, the manage means and the words orientation, this dissertation innovatively develop the concept of "the comprehensive renovating and supervising system of community police" and design the theory connotation and the practice system of it.
Keywords/Search Tags:Social transformation, Comprehensive renovation and supervising of public security, Comprehensive renovating and supervising system of community police
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