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Tatics For Proposal Institution Of Effective E-government

Posted on:2007-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360212965734Subject:Political Theory
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Under the big background of economical globalization, the E-governmnet struction to many nations in the world becomes the irresistible historical trend. In information agea,information and technology in telemumucation has been applied in every walks,no exception with government.Electronic government affair has brought many positive factors,for instance,it can enforce the civilization of the political awareness,reshape the ideas of values,and it is good for the civilization of the political action,to build polite society;it is positive to advance the civilization of the political system, to realize the creation in syetem.All in all,it must conform to the socialism politics civilization firmly, to realize the civilization of politics with the electronic government affairs as carrier, to build a electronic government with the civilization of politics as the value tropism.This article carries on the special analyses to the electronic government affairs from the public administration angle, and the description to the electronic government affairs from the rationale, the political value as well as political system design and so on.The article does some discussions about the inspiration significance on the electronic government affairs regarding our modernization, about the limitation in the theory and practice aspect of the electronic government affairs, and on how to surmount the electronic government affairs.Finally, what I want to say is that thoroughly, systematically studying the E-governmnet struction theory, objectively fairly profits from the different countries about different theory and the limited government's theory has the very inspiration significance to our reform and development, and also to enriching the treasure house of Socialist Political Civilization theory.
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