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Institutional Analysis Concerning Construction Of Responsible Government In China

Posted on:2007-04-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W W HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360212977722Subject:Administrative Management
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The conscious, concerning host, right and democracy, of citizen in our country has been strengthening since reform put into effect. At the same time, when society gives power to government, it is necessary for the government to be responsible to society as a reply. So"Responsible Government", as a notion of government, became one of focus on academic circles little by little after middle of last century.This article analyses the composition of Responsible Government at the perspective of institution. Then it describes the achievements and existing problems, followed reasons, of the institutional construction, which is concerning Responsible Government in China. After that, it gives some advice to improve the institutional construction of Responsible Government in China on the base of the analysis above. In detail, this article can be divided into three parts as follows:Part 1: Describing the conception of Responsible Government in Black's Law Dictionary. On the basis of it, the author gives his understanding of the same conception. Going step further, it analyses the institutional composition of Responsible Government: Responsible Government is a limited government, a democratic government, a government ruled by law, a service government, and a performance government.Part 2: Describing briefly the achievements of construction of Responsible Government in China: the government reform going towards the limited government, the starting of the institution that asks for responsibility, the construction of the institution concerning information's publication, the process of administrating by law, the build of the system concerning public service, the institution of government's purchasing, assessing performance in practice and the reform of the institution concerning administrative approval. And then, the article points out the problems existing in the construction of Responsible Government, subsequently, it gives the summary and analysis concerning reasons in view of the problems.Part 3: According to the institutional composition of Responsible Government, the article gives the advice about how to improve the construction of Responsible Government in China from six aspects: realizing the transform of government's function, improving the institution that asks for responsibility in governments,accelerating the construction of the institution concerning the right of knowing the facts of a case, building the government ruled by law, building the service government and building the performance government.
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