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The Institutional Analysis And Current Situation Research On Government's Accountability System Of Our Country

Posted on:2008-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215473579Subject:Administrative Management
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The government's accountability system as the responsible government's main realization form, its establishment is the important reflection of the progress of our country's ruling by law and the inevitably request of increasing democracy development, also is the limited government and the responsible government's important realizing approach under the democratic regime. Since getting it in gear, it aroused the widespread attention in the educational world, all levels of local authorities attached importance to it and made efforts to implement. They innovated many kinds of effective accountability methods and pointedly promulgated accountability systems in various domains such as the environment, the food, the security, the decisions of investment to ask all levels of local authorities' leadership responsibilities. Local governments have enacted the accountability institution text in the form of regulations to ask standard of its operation continuously. The accountability system has moved towards the establishment of institution in our country from cases, and has made a certain progress.True accountability comes from inflexible stipulation of system, the display of its realistic efficiency relies on an entire set of delicate system operation segments, the channel of carrying out and the benign complete set of mechanism's establishment. However, the facts proved that system text itself as well as the concrete implementation process of government's accountability system of our country also have some problems and insufficiencies, these problems and insufficiencies caused government's accountability system of our country to function difficultly. This article uses the methods as normative analysis and textual analysis, after discussing and researching the elementary theories of government's accountability system of our country, comprehensively combs and researches the implementation present situation and the text situation of the accountability system of government in each place: following the direction of accountability idea under the democracy and ruling by law, the practice of accountability has got a certain progress. The system text has also explicitly reflected its innovation to the former duty-charging system. The deeply research on current situation could practically promulgate the problems which still existed, including the problems of the various essential factors of accountability and the following questions of accountability system's implementation. The system innovation is the ultimate way of our country's accountability system reform. Perfectly constituting accountability's external institutional framework and establishing the good intrinsic system—culture of administration accountability to propose the countermeasures on how to perfect government's accountability system of our country from the soft and hard angles, wishing to provide the references of the formulation of the local government's accountability means, ameliorating the implementation of government's accountability system of our country, urging this system's perfection day by day.
Keywords/Search Tags:accountability system of government, institution, responsible government, textual analysis, administrative culture
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