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The Improvement Of The Vietnamese Fire Control System Of Risk Management Research

Posted on:2018-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J K RuanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2346330512987067Subject:Administrative Management
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Nowadays,countries in the World are seeking usefull way to prevent fire and exploision;actively study methods to manage firefighting and fire prevention in order to meet socioeconomic development requirements.Presently,it is seen that management and control scheme existed for firefighting and fire prevention is unsatisfactory with requirements during period of Vietnamese economy intergrating into ASEAN,APEC,ASEM,WTO as well as intergrating into the International Economic Market with a rapid development growth.In cities now a lot of fires and explosions occur any time,besides,firefighting and preventation are backward,comparing with urban growth.Before inquiry of renewing the firefighting and prevention in cities,it is necessary to seek a management and control scheme for fire and explosion risks that is satisfactory with conditions in the country.The thesis introduces the existence and establishment of management/control scheme for fire and explosion risks in the country,attaching with the fact assignments;number of outstanding issues as follows: “Law on firefighting and fire prevention” has not been perfected;juristical system of firefighting and fire prevention is not satisfactory with the market economy and requirements of the global economic integration;technical norms are backward,unsuitable for economic development;function structure of firefighting and fire prevention is in excess of the assigned authority;control responsibility of firefighting and fire prevention at all levels are not smooth;number of control fire officers and firefighters are limited,with not very high quality.By analysis of reason causing the outstanding issues above and learning from success of developed countries,a resolution of reformation of firefighting and fire prevention are proposed “Establishment and strengthening of Normative act;reforming scale and management/control model of firefighting and fire prevention;construction of education model for firefighting and fire prevention as well as professional firefighters”.
Keywords/Search Tags:Control of fire and explosion risks, reformation of firefighting and fire prevention
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