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The Research Of Contingency Plans For Large-Scale Public Events

Posted on:2008-03-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J E GuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215477241Subject:Public Management
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Nowadays, China is in a crucial period of modernization, reform and opening up. The concern of China enjoys a constant rise on the premise of the socialist market economy's fast development. Different kinds of world-wide culture and sports exhibitions pour into China, and at the same time, the scale effect which is brought by the large-scale public events attracts different levels of local governments. With the increasing number and expanding influence of the large-scale social activities, the security problems of these activities have become more and more prominent. In China, the research in this field is just at its beginning and can not fit the development of the large-scale social events. In that case, the writer will do the research of the contingency plans for large-scale public events with the conception, strategies and principles of public management and crisis management and the writer's own experience in organizing this kind of activities. Furthermore, the writer will also optimize the contingency plans by comparing with and learning from the mature experience abroad.The article is separated into 6 sections. The first and the second sections explain some relative definitions about the contingency plans for large-scale public events, including the conception of the emergency of the large-scale public events and its contingency plan; the research's significance; the advanced experience and inspiration from the contingency plans of the international large-scale public events; the development trend of our large-scaled public events; the present level our research has reached and the current problems and situation we are faced with. The third part explains the principles and the strategies of making the contingency plan, including principle of prevention; principle of prompt action; principle of minimum impact; principal of evaluation after events; strategy of analyzing information; strategy of prompt reaction and strategy of guidance by public voice, etc. The fourth section explains the content and the step of making this contingency plan theoretically. About five aspects of factors and eight steps of making plans were explained mainly including the guiding ideology and principles, the overall planning, the emergency preparation, the emergency reaction and the restoration after emergency, etc. At the same time, the Shanghai Tourism Festival Opening Ceremony was used as a case to set up the detail method of making the contingency plan. Concluding remarks summarizes the whole article's thoughts. Owning to the writer's limited capability and limited information we can get, the research maybe will not be able to go deep into the matter. Hope it can be the reference for other large-scale activities sponsors.
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