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A Study Of The Farmers' Political Organization Development From The Viewpoint Of New Rural Construction

Posted on:2008-04-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360215487178Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Since the reform and open-up policy, the economical, political and society's development in China's countryside has made a great achievement, which attracts worldwide attention. Under the background of constructing socialism new countryside, how to play the positive role of the farmer political organization in the countryside social economy development and the social stability, has become the focal point which the many scholars pay attention to. In the strategic transforming period of countryside development, the construction of harmonious relations between the farmer political organization and the government become the people to have no alternative but to ponder that, has no alternative but to value the question. Specially from the perspectives of the influence of political organization to the government and farmer's development, the government and the farmer political organization both has the republican relations, and mutually conflicts. How to complete guidance work for farmer's political organization's policy, and to eliminate the anxiety of the government that the farmer political nature organization makes the authority loses, is a question which is worth thoroughly thinking deeply about. New rural construction is a huge engineering system, and also is a project needing long-term unremitting struggle. To achieve humanist and the common enrichment social goal, the heavy burden of the farmer political organization which holds the post in this construction socialism new countryside idea development advancement, has the significant theory and the practical significance regarding the advancement modern agriculture and the new rural construction. This article uses the analysis method which the theory and the practice unifies, pondered how to maintain and safeguard farmer's benefit demand is the basic starting point, through reviewing the overseas farmer political organization's development and the Communist Party of China the farmer politics organization's historical development. The goal is to comb profits from the developed country farmer political organization under the existing national condition, and to absorb the historical experience lesson of our country farmer political organization, only to find a benignity interaction way between government and the farmer politics organization, thus realizing double wins of the farmer organization and the national government. This article altogether is divided three parts: The first part introduces the related theory of the farmer political organization, through in the introduction of two concepts such as politics in special interest group, and explains the farmer political organization basic nature is the benefit expression and the complex compound and has made the introduction to the overseas farmer political organization's development survey; The second part has made inspection for the farmer political organization's historical development under the leadership of our party, and has analyzed the question and the hindrance factors in the current farmer political organization's development; The third part proposed policy pondering and suggestion for farmer political organization development under the new rural construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:new rural construction, Three- agricultural problem, the farmers' political organization
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