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On Ideology In American Foreign Policy And Its Influence On American Foreign Policy On China

Posted on:2008-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The ideology is unique energetic phenomenon in the human society, it has the glorious history. But, the ideology concept origin is not remote, it is holds Russet by the French thinkers. For a country, it is displaying the instruction foreign behavior, the rationalization and the social conformity function, and is the Ruling class's desire and the benefit in idea manifesting. The influence of ideology cannot underestimate in the American diplomacy, as one of American foreign policy profitable targets; It is the important method of US to carry out the foreign policy. The American foreign policy ideology factor exists "the day to decide the destiny", and from presents"the altruism", "the liberalism" and "Opposes the communism"and so on, the function of US ideology has different performance on the China foreign policy in the different time: from World War II" holds Jiang but Opposes the communism", 20th century 50 and the 60's two-pole oppositions, to 70and the80's unceasingly relaxes again, after the cold war ended, the American policy towards China readjusted continually, Ideology factor has influence on policy towards China general orientation.US is the world only superpower, China is the biggest developing nation which the world comprehensive national strength rapidly rises now. The Chinese and American relations is the typical great nation relations, moreover in some kind of degree is the 21st century most important great nation relations. Because China and America in ideology have basic difference, the American policy towards China demonstrates one kind of rule: When the ideology occupies the dominant position in the American foreign policy, US regard as China the different races, adopts is unfriendly even is the hostile manner and the policy, thus creates the bilateral tension or the resistance. When is the reality benefit in the upper hand, US embarks from geopolitics and emphasized Chinese the strategic importance, the ideology can corresponding receive the certain degree the suppression, thus two country's the relations can be improved, the two countries cooperation obtains strengthens. The latter cold war time, the American policy towards China appears fluctuation and dual character, also based on the ideology and the value idea idealism policy pondered and based on the national interest realism policy between pondered the contradiction creates. Therefore must objectively and carefully discriminates and knew in the US foreign policy the ideology factor, knew the US ideology the negative influence, correctly deals with both countries relations the ideology question, we can pour into the new vigor to the both countries relations normal development.
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