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The Development And Application Of Misdemeanants' Career Planning Questionnaire

Posted on:2008-03-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360218960828Subject:Criminal Law
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With the development of society and economic, Career planning becomes a science which conforms the social desire and boosts the personal career all around. At the beginning of the 20th century, Parson, a American scholar, built the first regional career bureau in charge of career counseling and vocational guidance in Boston, then he constructed the career idiosyncrasy theory. After that, the practice and theory of career planning developed quickly and now there are lots of classical theories such as Holland Hexagonal model and Greenhouse career management model. In china, after the introduction of career planning, the practice and theory of career planning booms. But the Chinese researches focus in undergraduates and white-collars only, and lack the necessary attention on misdemeanants.Based on the overviews of former researchers and the investigation of open-ended questionnaire ,this study defines"career planning"as"based on the knowledge of self and environment ,individuals plan and manage their career and life in some methods; it contains autognosis, career-cognition and managing–planning. Then we compile the Preliminary Questionnaire of the misdemeanants'career planning and investigate 305 misdemeanants with it. According the analysis of preliminary questionnaire, we edit the formal Questionnaire of the misdemeanants'career planning, and analyze some influential factor. Finally, we use the questionnaire to assess the effect of the coaching of misdemeanants'career planning.The results of the study show that:1. There are three dimension of misdemeanants'career planning: autognosis, career-cognition and managing-planning. They are independent but correlated each other.2. According to the result of item analysis, exploring factor analysis, reliability examination and validity, it is considered good in validity and reliability. The self–designed questionnaire can be used to test the career planning of the misdemeanants.3. The result which investigated 294 misdemeanants with the questionnaire indicated: the career planning of the misdemeanants was affected by many factors. And there are significant differences in age, education, work status, times in prison or misdemeanants'choky; and in marriage and work (out or in), there are significant interactions.4. The result of group coaching on misdemeanants shows: the career planning of the misdemeanants who take part in group coach improve significantly, especially in dimension of autognosis and managing–planning. But the effect was different in age, education, marriage, term of imprisonment significantly.
Keywords/Search Tags:Career planning, Misdemeanant, Questionnaire development, Influential factor, Coaching intervention
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