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The Research Of Correction Of Misdemeanant In Hunan Province

Posted on:2013-01-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374490631Subject:Public Management
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As a special group, misdemeanant criminal has its own disciplinary, which is thatits criminal malignancy is between the general criminal and the general citizen. Now,in Hunan province, the way of the misdemeanant correction is traditional andbackward, low-efficiency but high-cost and the increasing rate of the re-criminal,andnot suitable for the development of new execution.The research of correcting misdemeanant criminal, in a microcosmic view, is therequire of the revolution of the idea about execution in criminal judicature; in amacroscopic view, is good for changing the idea about urban public affairmanagement, establish the partnership in the public supplying between thegovernment and other department, and give an answer to the question of the lowefficiency when the government operate the public goods exclusively.By researching the current status in misdemeanant correction in Hunan province,we should pay attention to some existing problems, especially in correcting effect andcost. To solve these, the article assimilates the advanced experience all over the world,guides the social power to permeate to the execution right and realizes the dynamicjoin between jail and society. By investigating the advanced misdemeanant correctmethod in the European and American countries, according to reality of Hunanprovince, the article raises the innovative methods of suitable such as morePsychological correctionand perfect correction in community to enhance theinvolvement of the society deeply and wildly; and more non-jail execution andcriminal correction out-souring service. With these tentative searching, it is hopeful topush the scientization misdemeanant correction in Hunan province forward, improvecorrecting efficiency and lower the correcting cost to help the criminal return tosociety earlier.
Keywords/Search Tags:Misdemeanant, The correction, Social force
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