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The Study On The Fair Value And Implementation Approval Of China's Administrative Examination

Posted on:2009-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242498524Subject:Administrative Management
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The administration examination and approval system is the key job which involves in our country political setup and economic system to reform overall situation. It is from the source to prevent and control corruption,adapt to the new situation of accession to the WTO, according to international rules of objective needs, but also the transformation of government functions, improve the objective needs of working style. July 1, 2004 implementation of the People's Republic of China Administrative Licensing Law (call as follows Law on Administrative Licensing) level in the system of administrative examination and approval not only advocated the principle of efficiency, but also stressed that the administrative examination and approval of the principle of fairness, for the further deeply of China's administrative examination and approval reform has provided clear guidance and specific operational approach. "Law on Administrative Licensing" The implementation of China's past, from the high efficiency of the administrative examination and approval to the neglect of the fair have gradually improved the situation; it's fair, just and opens the administrative examination and approval in principle in the implementation and the gradual implementation. Get a farther improvement. Owing to the lavation and unfairness appeared in the process of execute the law, lead to a lot of Phenomenon's of corruption and trading power for money in major cases. Therefore, this paper puts forward not only needing to emphasize an efficiency, but also wanting to value in the experienced government examination and approval fair, realization fair of the key want to be guarantee by a series of system.This paper is divided into five parts:Part one puts forward the research clew and methodology based on the analyses of the background, significance and present situation of administrative examination. Part two briefly explained the concept of administrative examination and approval; characteristics quoted the theoretical circles of the administrative examination and approval different understandings. Based on this, descript the basic values of the administrative examination and approval simply and strive to have a clear understanding of it.Part three analyses the embodiment of our country's administrative examination and approval's simple concept of efficiency and its drawbacks. Pointing out its discretion is too much,re-processing, light regulation, re-charging, light services, restrictions on freedom of entrepreneur ship disrupt the market mechanism and also easily lead to corruption.Part four expounded the legal protection Fair value of the administrative examination and approval. Put forward to establish and improve procedures system ,and achieve a just enforcement of legal protection. Law on Administrative Licensing is the most important. Based on this, analyzed the Fair value of Law on Administrative Licensing and its expression.Part five put forward the approach to implement Chinese fair enforcement of administrative examination and approval. Above all, establish the concept of administration according to law; next, found a sound mechanism of supervision and control; again, implement on-line approval, Enhance the transparency of the administrative examination and approval; finally, improve the system of administrative examination and approval of the hearing, promote the fair value of the administrative examination and approval of achieving.
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