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Our Government In The New Period To Improve The Administrative Efficiency Of The Countermeasures

Posted on:2005-09-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Y HuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360122486796Subject:Scientific Socialism and the international communist movement
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Administrative efficiency means the efficiency of the government management. It is not only the goal of the administration, but also the scale to weigh the government's function. And it takes the important role in the administration. It is from the initiator of the administration who made sustained efforts to study how to improve the efficiency of the administration. So how to improve the efficiency of the administration is without question becoming the focal point in the administration studying. And at the same time it becomes the center of the administration.Today and in the near future, our country will still be in the stage from the traditional country to the modern country, and our economic will experience a high rate increase under the socialism market economic. Under the situation, the government must erect a high efficient administration system in order to act successfully. So how to improve the administrative efficiency becomes the center of the administration reform.The improvement of the administration efficiency reflects during the working process of the whole organization system, and it is the comprehensive reflect on the many factor of every link and every level of the administration. It is not decided by the best of the part in the administration but by the efficiency of all parts of the system to get thehighest efficiency. On the above basis, the thesis describes the current situation of the low administrative efficiency and analyzes the cause of this as a whole. And then try to find the way to improve the efficiency from the whole system.At first this thesis deeply analyses the reasons of hindering the improvement of the administration efficiency on the basis of the problem that exists in the reality. Such as, the misunderstanding of the government's function; the government's function without changing as the time goes by; the old examination and approval system, the improper scale of the government also affect administrative efficiency; and another fact is that the supervise system is not powerful enough so as to affect the administrative efficiency. And the following part is to study the profound significance to our country's economic and society development of improving the administration efficiency.The main part of the article is to bring forward the practical ways to improve the efficiency of the administration, and the way exists as follows: To change the government's function effectively, to establish the appropriate scale of the government, to perfect the policy-making system to more scientific and more democratic, to reform the administrative examination and approval system, to improve the electronic administration building, to strengthen the administration supervising, to enhance the performance measurement system.How to improve the administrative efficiency is a large topic, and it involves so many fields. In this article the important part is the way how to change the government's function, how to reform the administrative examination and approval system, and how to establish the government performance measurement. I hope that the thesis can take an active effort to the administrative reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:efficiency of the administration, government's function, administrative examination and approval system, electronic administration, performance management
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