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The Research Of The Contribution Which New Chinese Peaceful Diplomacy To Contruct The Harmonious World

Posted on:2009-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360242975142Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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"Constructs a lasting peace, the common prosperity harmonious world" has the Chinese characteristic the socialism diplomacy new idea now frequently to appear in the significant international situation, state president Hu Jintao joins Jakarta from April, 2005 "the Asia and Africa summit" to party's 17th National People's Congress which just finished, constructed "the harmonious world" already to become the topic which the various countries, various areas and the international organization competed to discuss, has aroused international society's universal interest, has become the new time China diplomacy the leading idea.It can be said that, "constructs the harmonious world" is take Hu Jintao as the center secretary's Central Party Committee, take the Chinese tradition culture as the inside story, rests on independent peaceful foreign policy and science judgement international situation which the new Chinese diplomacy carries out for a long time, take the proletariat diplomacy principle as the instruction, unifies the new Chinese more than 50 years diplomacy practice, to new Chinese peace diplomacy theory creative recent development and new creation.But, is similar to any new idea the production rule to be same, "constructs the harmonious world" the idea as soon as to pass through "the birth", domestic and on international always has two kind of sounds to follow with it. The research discovered that, its negative response mainly comes from to "and gathers" the culture to China not to approve and the Chinese foreign policy choice question which unceasingly rises to the new time.This article namely attempts from China "and gathers" cultural and outside the Chinese tradition foreign relations philosophy obtains under, the basis logic analysis and the historical analysis research technique, excavates new China establishes, in the Communist Party of China leads to have the Chinese characteristic in the socialism diplomacy theory and the diplomatic thought inherent constructs the harmonious world the rationale. In order to cause the new Chinese diplomacy practice great achievement to promote to the theory stratification plane, further displays new time China in the international political area positive role, enriches "constructs the harmonious world" to the new time our country diplomacy new thought the idea theory support.
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