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E-Government Construction Research From The Perspective Of Service-type Government

Posted on:2012-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330362453113Subject:Application of technology
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With the economic transformation of our society, all levels of government departments in strengthening economic regulation and market supervision, should focus more on the performance of public service and social management, functions, and gradually achieve the government's governance model from the "control-type" to "service" , e-government is the government department in its management and service functions in the use of the Internet platform, a large number of the implementation of the Internet and handle the daily administration of public affairs, organizational structure and work to achieve the Government's restructuring process optimization, beyond time and space constraints and section segregation, and built a clean, fair, streamlined and efficient mode of government operations, improve administrative management, better public services.This paper argues that the new government through e-government model of governance to advance the construction of service-type government is a practical and effective way. Thus service-type government based on the concept, for the current e-government and service of the government building requirements within the gap between the reality, learn from other developed countries, service-type government based on the concept of e-government experience, working in the service of the Government of China Perspective of e-government, focused on thinking to accelerate the development of E-Government Strategy.This article along to ask questions, analyze problems and solve the problem of thinking is divided into five parts: The first part is the introduction, presented the background and significance of the research, preliminary summary of current research status on the subject, and that The research focuses on issues, problems and innovations; the second part of the first e-government and services were based on the basic theory of government-depth analysis, and to clarify the e-government service government relations and clear the e-government construction and service-type government the inherent correlation; The third part is the service-type government under the View status of e-government construction in China for analysis. First of Electronic Government Service Government's role, followed by a more detailed description of the development process of e-government and trends, a brief review of service-type government again, current situation, the final analysis of the e-government in building a service-type government in question; The fourth part is the service-type government based on the concept of e-government practices abroad, first introduced the United States, Britain, Singapore and other countries e-government practices, and foreign governments based on the concept of service-type e-government to sum up and learn from the experience, trying to explore the use of its successful experience, to promote the building of e-government information; The fifth part is the service-type government from the Perspective of e-government policy. The part of the specific conditions in our country combines with the development of service-type government in China, under the concept of e-government public service to make some constructive policy.
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