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On The Transformation And Goal Of Government Function

Posted on:2009-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360245969385Subject:Administrative Management
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In the background of economic globalization, the basic objective of the adjustment on government functions is to fully reflect the market demand and improve the efficiency of government management and service. In the 20th Century, there is no effective conversion of government functions in the previous reforms of Chinese government and they did not play the role as a servant. The guiding ideology of Chinese government's reform should always be "management means service, service is the inevitable choice to the transformation of government functions" and establish the ideal pattern of "small government" and "big market" as well as "small government" and "service" finally.Whether "deepening administrative reform", "Most of the implementation of institutional reforms" or "building a service-oriented government," they are all in order to transform government functions from "management" to "service". In the 21st Century, Public service is the core principles for the reform of government functions. The fundamental objective of China's transformation of government functions is to establish a public service-oriented government, to promote market-oriented public service reforms and achieve the transformation in government's public service functions and role. Judged from the historic changes between the government and social relationship through the procedure of China's modernization, we find that it is actually a constant process searching for mechanisms of social integration. With the continuously deepening political and economic reform and the ever-changing functions of the government's, it is foreseeable that such social integration mechanisms will be strengthened, structural differentiation between the government and social relationship will become more in-depth, it will have a profound impact on the social structures.This article starts with the history of political and economic for hundreds years in the west, through discussions between the government and the market model, then, analysis the game relations between Chinese government, market economy and civil society. As a result, it points out that the relationship between government and the market as well as the government and society is not a zero-sum game but should complement each other, benign interaction into a balance. The cooperation of Citizens and government is the key to social harmony. The rise of China's civil society is an important performance of the overall social progress. It not only helps improve the process of political civilization with Chinese characteristics, but also contributes to the healthy development of socialist market economy and even helps build a harmonious socialist society.
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