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The Research On International Non-Governmental Organizations In China In The Perspective Of Corporatism

Posted on:2009-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C K XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360272955320Subject:Administrative Management
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Along with the process of globalization, China has opened its door to the world community. A kind of organization which is new and unconspicuous has appeared quietly and found it way into our country, which is International Non-Governmental Organization. INGOs not only have the internationalism, which are common in general international organizations, but also have NGOs' civilian nature and public service nature. They have already taken an important role in the field of Chinese social development, such as poverty alleviation, environmental protection, education, medical and health, social welfare, the construction of unenlightened areas and so on. However, because of the INGOs' special status, government has always taken the attitude to them that is interpreted as "not to support, not to oppose and not to prohibit". They can not get registered legally and properly in China. Moreover, due to the lack of special laws and norms, their activities can not be conducted and managed by the government effectively. Now INGOs' development in China is still at the initial stage and has very limited impact on the Chinese society.On the basis of the full analysis on INGOs' status quo and deficiency in China, this essay takes the academic tool- Corporatism (also known as the "cooperation") for the first time, and chooses International Association of LION Club as a case to investigate. International Association of LION Club is the first one who solves the status problem successfully and lands in China legally among the INGOs. The investigation shows that the LIONS has already set up the form of Corporatism with the government. To the INGOs, they need to keep its own independence and to be indigenous, and then establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with the government. Only by doing that, can they make further development in China. As far as the Chinese government's concerned, it is the high time to perfect the legal and registering system.
Keywords/Search Tags:International Non-Governmental Organizations, Corporatism, International Association of LION Club, Guangdong Association of LION Club
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