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Research On Participation Of Non-Governmental Organizations In Unexpected Mass Incidents Prevention And Management In China

Posted on:2010-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275456291Subject:Administrative Management
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In recent years, with the deepening of reform and opening-up and the increasing strength of social transformation, the body of social interests, values and people's lifestyles have become more diversified, all kinds of social conflicts and contradictions are gradually increasing, which cause a large number of unexpected mass incidents. The frequent appearance of unexpected mass incidents has become a key problem, which threatens social development and stability of our country, and has caused wide public concern. However, people put more hope of solving the problem on the government and ignore the great advantages that the non-governmental organizations have in social integration and social regulation. We should see that in the face of complex unexpected mass incidents, the government cannot handle all business in response to emergencies because of the limited resources on hand and the limitation of its capacity. However, non-governmental organizations bear a large number of social administrative functions with its unique advantages, effectively makes up for the deficiency of governmental administration and have become an important force in prevention of unexpected mass incidents.This thesis is divided into five parts. The first part introduces the background and significance of this paper, a literature review on unexpected mass incidents home and abroad and the research method. The second part analyzes the state of unexpected mass incidents, explores the deep-seated reasons for the appearance of emergencies. The third part introduces the theoretical and organizational basis that non-governmental organizations involve in the fight against unexpected mass incidents. In the fourth part expounds the state and the difficulties that non-governmental organizations face in prevention of unexpected mass incidents. In the fifth part, the author of this thesis puts forward suggestions about building a good environment for the participation of non-governmental organizations, improving their construction and development, transforming government functions and perfecting a variety of management functions of non-governmental organizations.
Keywords/Search Tags:unexpected mass incidents, non-governmental organizations, social transformation, community
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