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Study On Emergency Co-governance Of Unexpected Incidents In China

Posted on:2009-07-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360245487121Subject:Administrative Management
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The governance theory is an important theory in researching cooperative behavior of multiple participants in public management, providing an important theoretical guidance to researching phenomenon of Multi-organization cooperation. Based on the theory of governance, this dissertation takes forms of social organization as the angle of view and researches phenomenon of Co-governance in emergency Management in china.This dissertation included the following three parts:In the first part, author elaborates Connotation and necessity of emergency Co-governance. Risk factors of social development and the dispersion of resources of emergency management require co-governance of governmental organizations, profit organizations and mass organizations, including Non-government organizations and community-based organizations in emergency management.In the second part, author elaborates current situation of emergency Co-governance. In emergency Co-governance, governmental organization is policy-maker, which provides main human resources, financial resources and material resources and plays a leading role through the emergency management system; the Profit organization is important participant, which provides significant financial and material support; the mass organization is necessary participant, which displays the advantages of contacting society, which Polymerizes society's forces and resources to participate in emergency co-governance. But emergency co-governance is still imperfect, for example, government can't fully fulfill supervisory function and service. Enterprise lacks the enthusiasm of shouldering corporate social responsibility. The organizational ability of Small and medium-sized mass organization is low. Although these problems exist inside government, enterprises and mass organizations, they result from contradiction or disharmony among government and enterprise, government and mass organization, enterprise and mass organization.In the third part, author elaborates approaches of improving emergency Co-governance. In emergency co-governance, fulfillment of emergency management functions of the government needs support of the enterprise and mass organization. Enterprises' Undertaking Corporate social responsibility actively and the rapid development of mass organization needs encouragement and support of the government. So enterprise and mass organization not only overcome the existed problems, but also learn from other's strong points to offset one's weaknesses each other, and jointly promotes relationship to become harmonious.
Keywords/Search Tags:unexpected incidents, governance theory, emergency co-governance, governmental organization, profit organization, mass organization
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