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Evaluation Research Of Urban Appropriate Reside Community In China

Posted on:2010-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275458029Subject:Administrative Management
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As the improving of material living standards,human beings pay more attention to its own quality of survival space.At present,"livable city" has become internationally respected as new urban concept,"Easy Living" has become one of the most important standerds of attractiveness and competitiveness of cities and regions.The construction of "livable city" should start with the basic unit of the city "Livable Community".As the rapid development of community building of China,a variety of guide lines of urban communities have emerged, but has not yet formed a set of scientific,with the actual operational on Livable Community assessment measurement system.Therefore,this article explore to construct of the city suitable and the guide lines,which aimed at the livable communities to make a scientific assessment in city,monitoring and forecasts,as well as to provide a new perspective in the construction and management of urban communities.First of all,through the analysis the current status of human settlements of urban communities at home and abroad,based on the theory of sustainable development,systems analysis theory,the theory of livable communities,united the experience of city suitable for living at home and abroad,wish to come to the evaluation of the direction of enlightenment of our community building.The current assessment of urban communities in China to assess the existence of a single subject to assess,the content of non-system process is not complete, lack of interoperability,in order to clearly assess the direction of the livable community assessment.Secondly,according to China's cities livable communities to assess the objectives,principles,put forward a wide range of assessment and the systematic analysis of the main theory of the operation under the guidance of the assessment model.Thirdly, select the appropriate assessment methods,the use of expert Delphi consultation evaluation indicators,including the construction of a civilized community,the community environment,community life cheap digital community management,community safety, community living standards of residents and 20 six-level indicators second-order 99 standard Livable cities,including community-based evaluation system,the use of AHP to determine weights of the indicators,the use of fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to evaluation process,so as to establish city suitable for living community assessment system. Through the empirical analysis of community in Dalian Zhongshan District in this paper, initial validated the feasibility and practicality of building livable in urban communities, according to in-depth analysis of the results of the assessment which carried out,and bring forward six suggestions to the community building.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urban communities, livable communities, community assessment, community-based evaluation
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