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Research On The Improvement Of Legal System For Government Intervention At Price

Posted on:2010-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H YinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360275460433Subject:Economic Law
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Price, in essence is the monetary value of the merchandise, it reflect the scarcity of resources, it is a motivating factor, which is formed in the market as the participants communicate with each other. On the other hand, the price is related with thousands of consumers, involving the stability and development of the national economy, consequently the government have to interfere with prices in a modest way. Market economy operate under the rule of law, the participants must follow the law as well as the intrinsic regulations of the maket to carry out its producing and management, the government intervention with the economy must act in accordance with the law and rule, striving for a good environment for market mechanisms.In the first part of this paper,the origin of this study item and the methods adopted in this article are introduced. The second part of the price comes to the conclusion that price mechanism is the soul of the market,based on the analysis of essence of the price. However,the price mechanism can not fully exert the role of optimizing the allocation of resources because of monopoly, externalities, incomplete information and other factors, resulting the government intervention with price. The article provide theoretical interpretation to government intervention form economics, political science and legal point of view. In this part, the specific content of intervention will be divided into three levels, namely, the legal mechanisms for intervention in price formation, the legal mechanisms for price regulation, the legal mechanisms for macro-control of price.In the third part,the description of the price intervention lagal system is given in three aspects: formation of the price, supervision with the price activity, the macro-control of price level. The problem with Set prices,the supervision rules and vehicles of the price activity are analyzed,in the following,based on the analysis of status of price level,the deficiency of the price macro-control system is pointed out.Then, the legal system of United States and Japanese are introduced, in an attempt to provide useful experience to improve the law of price intervention in our country.The fifth part is the focus of this article, it try to advanced some reasonable proposals as to the improvment to legal system of price intervention. Firstly the basic ideas of price intervention are put foward- government interference in the rule of law, the combination of micro-and macro-control, then suggestions for law of price formation,price monitoring and price macro-control are separately offered.
Keywords/Search Tags:Price mechanism, Price intervention, Intervention at formating of price, Supervision with price activity, Macro-control of price level, Improvement of legal system
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